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"I never found the girl, I never got rich. Follow me."

~Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Alright, this is new and we will see how this works. For now, rather than have a comments section at the end of each post I will have a central comments page here. More to possibly follow. Have at it.


The Librarian said...

Ok, the damn thing works

Eve said...

Oh my gosh! My prayers have been answered!

*happy Snoopy dance*

The Librarian said...

Welcome aboard. Hopefully it didn't take you nearly as long to figure out how to post a comment on this damn thing as it did me. Groan.

Eve said...

As I read your articles, I continue to think I'd like to read a book you wrote. Something Tom Clancyish. Yes, I like Tom Clancy.

No eye rolling, please. ;o)

The Librarian said...

Thank you. But I'm rolling my eyes and groaning. I sometimes despair of ever finishing this monster (I don't even have an outline for it, how can you when you don't know how it ends?) and the thought of doing something similar, on purpose, it's not appealing. I am not a writer, at least that kind of writer, why won't people believe me? And technically, this book isn't even being written, as there was never the least idea of a book when most of it was written and most my time is spent typing and editing what has already been written and was most definitely not written as a book. Non-writing the non-book is about as close as it gets I think, or an assault on reason. Take your pick. Ah well...off to go work on some more of the non-book.

Eve said...

Hi, there. I'm just dropping by to wish you happy holy days, and many good things in the coming year.

Eve said...

Firstly, I LOVE the new layout. I think the first page and your explanations and prose are stellar and perfect for describing (as best as you might, being you) what's going on around here. Very nice. Kind of you to orient people.

Secondly, I continue to believe that every now and then comments ought to be allowed (see me pushing boundaries? push, push, push). Certainly, on chapters that are chapters similar to novel or memoir chapels (or autobiographical), no need for commentary. We read books and don't comment, so it makes sense.

But every now and then if you post something like you just posted on your first page (and I wish you would), then comments, yes! Commenters are our friends (sometimes). But, then, I am always wanting dialogue, perhaps in order to hide my inner tyrant and pontificator. ;o)

Well done. Oh, and I like your art and the way you referenced your stuff with hyperlinks. Very nicely done.

Unknown said...

hey are where did you get the play lists?

The Librarian said...


Thanks for dropping by. Simply, I have created them all at one time or another, usually around a specific theme/motif as the mood has taken me. Wish it was more involved/complicated than that.

The Librarian

Dan said...

When were you promoted to Librarian? Last time I remember seeing you was at Jimmy Buffet night in some bar in South Carolina. What was it we used to mix in the Gatorade while we were cleaning the Bosun's locker? It must have been good cause I can't remember. HA. It's been a long time shipmate, since we sat and talked on the streets of Charleston. I lost your address in a move and lost a friend for what? 14 years? I hope you're as well as I left you all that time ago. Due to a little luck and alot of random events I've found you. Let's talk.


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